Terms & Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Sales of event assets and related products from this site are made by
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These terms were updated on February 17, 2021 and apply to all purchases made from this date.

Nolabel.tv provides streaming services, among other things, via its Internet service ("Nolabel.tv"), hereinafter the Service, through which you can book and purchase access to events, including events that are streamed to you as a buyer.

1.1 Responsibility for the event
As for the actual events, Nolabel.tv is only an exhibitor of access and agents for arenas and organizers. Nolabel.tv is therefore not responsible for the event as such, but only because the event access is valid. Nolabel.tv is therefore not responsible for the implementation of the events, or their quality and content, and is thus also not responsible for any financial compensation due to or linked to, for example, canceled / moved events or other shortcomings linked to the events. In the case of streamed events, the organizer, not Nolabel.tv, is responsible for the connection, transmission and transmission / streaming. All questions or requirements concerning the event itself and its implementation must be directed to the arena / organizer. More specific information about the arena / organizer and the special conditions that apply to a specific event are provided in connection with booking / purchasing an asset.

1.2 Personal use
The service may only be purchased for personal use and may not be used commercially. This means that access may not be purchased and / or resold for commercial purposes. Access may also not be offered in competitions or in connection with the offer of another product or service without the written consent of Nolabel.tv and / or the responsible arena / organizer.

1.3 My account
To be able to use the Service, you must have a username and password. You get this by registering on the website. You are responsible for keeping the username and password secret. This is important because you will be responsible for all orders and other actions that take place using the username and / or password. This also applies even if someone is unauthorized who has used the username and password. It is up to you to check that all personal information added when creating an account is correct. Nolabel.tv does not check this information and does not answer that it is correct.

1.4 My purchases
It is up to you as a customer to check that your purchases are correct (correct postal and email address, correct event, correct number, correct arena, etc.) and that you have access to the service.

1.5 Canceled or moved events
As a buyer, you are responsible for checking whether an event has been canceled or moved. If events are canceled or moved, you should contact the responsible arena / organizer immediately. The arena / organizer is responsible for questions and decisions about, for example, redemption of assets. Following a decision by the organizer / arena, Nolabel.tv may in certain cases, on behalf of the organizer, redeem access at canceled events. In the event of a canceled or moved event, where redemption of assets is approved by the organizer / arena, any service / distribution fees will not be refunded.

1.6 Purchases that contravene set conditions
Nolabel.tv reserves the right to cancel a booking or purchase and with immediate effect close a customer account if you as the buyer do not provide correct information about yourself or otherwise violate or attempt to circumvent Nolabel.tv's terms when purchasing. In the event of cancellations for such a reason, the service fee paid or any distribution fees will not be refunded. Nolabel.tv may also decide not to refund the paid ticket price either. You are responsible for ensuring that user IDs and passwords are stored securely, and that no unauthorized person can access the information.

1.7 Right of withdrawal of purchase
The rules on the right of withdrawal in the Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises (the Distance Contracts Act) do not apply to the purchase of digital services such as this. When payment has been made, you are therefore bound by your purchase in connection with the commencement of the use of the service.

1.8 Applicable law
Swedish law applies to purchases.

2. Terms and Conditions for Nolabel.tv Services

2.1 General
Nolabel.tv reserves the right to the Service (Nolabel.tv) and its contents. You as a user of the Service have no right, in whole or in part, to in any way copy, reproduce, save, move, forward, distribute, publish, add other material or save on your own computer, any material connected to the Service ( including text, images, trademarks, logos, graphics and music) without the written permission of Nolabel.tv. It is not permitted to use trademarks and / or logos linked to Nolabel.tv's services or products unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.2 Legal use
No information about the Service may be copied, processed or used without special written permission from nolabel.tv
Violation of the ban may lead to legal action and possible damages and / or legal liability. If you violate Nolabel.tv's terms, you may lose the right to use the Service. Nolabel.tv also has the right to cancel bookings on the website if you have provided misleading personal information or if the customer violates or circumvents the general terms and conditions.

2.3 Responsibility for the service
Nolabel.tv provides the Service, which makes it possible to follow and buy access to events. Nolabel.tv is not responsible for, and will not compensate for any loss that arises due to interruptions, delays, interruptions or other technical circumstances that make the use of the Service impossible or difficult to use.

2.4 Intellectual property rights
All trademarks, other characteristics, logos, texts, content, design elements, electronic documents, graphics, images and sounds, photographs, databases, software and software products, which are found on the website Nolabel.tv or otherwise occur / are used in the provision of the Service are intellectual property law protected property owned by Nolabel.tv or by a third party who is a partner. Such protected content may not be copied, modified, publicly displayed, licensed or transmitted without the prior permission of Nolabel.tv or the affiliate.

2.5 The right to make changes
Nolabel.tv has the right to update, change, add or remove material included in the Service, and restrict access to the Service without notifying this in advance, at any time, at its sole discretion. Nolabel.tv has, at any time, the right to change the terms of use of the Service as well as the content and choice of services.

2.6 Linking
In some cases, the service contains links to websites maintained by someone other than Nolabel.tv. Nolabel.tv is not responsible for the function of or the content of web pages to which the link is made.

2.7 Applicable law
Swedish law is applied to these general terms and conditions.