Sweden International Horse Show



Main Arena

At the main arena, there are programs from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening. A total of eleven shows. In the mornings the focus is on dressage, the afternoons are devoted to Icelandic horses and family performances, and in the evenings there is full speed with jumping, driving and indoor cross country competition. All content is framed by fantastic show numbers and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.


The Mässarenan is new for this year. Here is the program all day with content for the curious horse enthusiast. There will be clinics in dressage, jumping and Iceland. Several of our equestrian stars are on site and share their tips and advice. Listen to the advice of the veterinarians and also take the opportunity to see what more equestrian sports has to offer.

Framridning med Tidningen Ridsport

What are they trimming in, the pros, that last warmup just before they go in to the arena? Ridsport takes you to the warmup, where we together with our expert commentators both comment on what we see and guide you into the world of warmup.

Behind the scenes

Join behind the scenes at Sweden's largest horse show, meet participants in interviews and reports.